PS5 VR Headset Officially In The Works

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Ps5 Vr Headset Officially In The Works

Sony is officially working on its next-generation VR headset for the PS5. The headset won’s launch this year but will hit sometime in the future.

Sony is simultaneously working on a new VR controller, which will use some of the features found in the DualSense PS5 controller and will focus on improving ergonomics.

Hideaki Nishino, Sony’s head of PlayStation platform and planning, says in a statement the company is taking what they’ve learned since launching PS VR on PS4 to develop a next-gen VR system.

One big change is that it will connect to PS5 with a single cord to simplify setup and improve ease-of-use. There’ll also be more standard improvements including an improved field of view and resolution.

Whether a camera will still be required is unclear. Recent VR sets in the same price range like the Oculus Quest 2 are now self-contained with tracking built into the headset itself and compatible with a standard USB-C cord to connect to a PC for more powerful applications.

Source: The Verge

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